Did You Know?

In doing the research for my novel I frequently come across pieces of information that surprise me. Often these are facts or events that informed the lives of the people back then, but have been forgotten or lost in our own times.  I thought I would list some of these bits of information in the hope that you will learn from then, add to them and correct any errors you see. I also hope you will contribute your own little known or forgotten bits of recent history so that we don’t lose sight of the people who made that history; otherwise we are in danger of thinking of history as merely something that is created by rulers and so-called historic events.


During the fifties women attending college at City College could only major in education? They could take courses in other departments, but they none of these other disciplines could be their major.  (Contributed by Arlene Simone who attended City College in the 1950s)

There was a sit down strike in 1948 at City College involving 2,000 students.  The students were protesting the anti-Semitic treatment of two professors and one student by the Chair of the Romance Language Department. (also contributed by Arlene Simone)  By April, 1949 this issue expanded into a riot in which sixteen students were arrested.

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